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Could you imagine yourself waking up in the morning and feeling at peace with your body, treating it with respect and working towards making sustainable changes out of love? This is possible for you and our sisterhood of like-minded women is here to welcome you with open arms. 

You’re not going to want to miss out on this unforgettable community of women working together to feel their best. 

Jais Curry

Hi, I’m Jais, your Food Freedom Coach. For the longest time, I struggled with the idea that my smallest body would be my happiest and healthiest body. I would treat myself with such a level of care and concern that it became unmanageable. My whole life was all about how little I could eat so I could finally live in my ideal physical shape.

The worst part about restricting? It eventually led to bingeing episodes. I kept thinking that I was limiting my calories so I could become healthier.

Spoiler: it was unsustainable and I was still unhappy even at my smallest size.

It took a long time, but I finally learned that there was another way - we could make changes to our body out of love instead of resentment. When I became a Hungry For Happiness Certified Food and Body Coach I discovered the power that lies in a room full of women that are motivated to make a change to feel their best in their current bodies and prioritize their mental health.

Change is possible for you, too. 


The foundation of any changes that happen in your body must first occur by choosing yourself. In the Mindful Body Academy , I’ll guide you through monthly coaching sessions where you’ll begin to strengthen your relationship with your body and understand that there is more to life than today’s macros.

Together, we’ll hold space for each other to process our feelings. It’s okay to love your body and still want to change. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s okay to want to run faster, lift heavier, or simply want to walk this earth in a lighter frame. Imagine how it would feel to do those things from a place of peace rather than a place of dread. You are capable of moving your body in ways that feel good. You are capable of eating well and still enjoying meals out. You are capable of navigating bad body image days with grace rather than with punishment.

We’re here for you. 


Cassie A.

Online Business Manager

“I absolutely love working with Jais. She is such an inspiration and works with you so closely to ensure goals are met. My favorite part of our calls is working to see what positives we achieved that week and seeing how we can really set free any negatives that happened. Our sessions are so eye opening and anything we come up with is so easy to work towards.”

Jenna C.

Marketing Coach

“Before working with Jais, ice cream barely made it a day in my house before I devoured it. Now, I've had the same pint of Ben and Jerrys in the fridge for 2 weeks and haven't even thought about it. Jais has given me my life and sanity back!”

Bre H.

Relationship Sales Expert

“Working with Jais might be the most real thing you ever do. It. might hurt, you might cry (if you're like me, you will), but you'll get to dig down to a deeper feeling than "I want to lose weight so I can love myself." As Jais says, skinny isn't a feeling, and she will take you on a discovery to find out and heal what is stopping you from loving yourself. You won't regret working with her!”

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