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        “I absolutely love working with Jais. She is such an inspiration and works with you so closely to ensure goals are met. My favorite part of our calls is working to see what positives we achieved that week and seeing how we can really set free any negatives that happened. Our sessions are so eye opening and anything we come up with is so easy to work towards.”

        Cassie A.


        “Before working with Jais, ice cream barely made it a day in my house before I devoured it. Now, I've had the same pint of Ben and Jerrys in the fridge for 2 weeks and haven't even thought about it. Jais has given me my life and sanity back!”

        Jenna C.


        “Working with Jais might be the most real thing you ever do. It. might hurt, you might cry (if you're like me, you will), but you'll get to dig down to a deeper feeling than "I want to lose weight so I can love myself." As Jais says, skinny isn't a feeling, and she will take you on a discovery to find out and heal what is stopping you from loving yourself. You won't regret working with her!”

        Bre H.