Slay Self Sabotage

How to stop sabotaging and live your best life

New Year New Me?

How many times have you said that? How many times has it worked?

Youuuuuch. Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. And just like fetch is not going to happen, neither will changing your life if you don't quit self sabotaging.

Girlfriend, we have all done it at one (okay, manyyyyyy) points in life. Most people tell you "just gtfover it and go do your work". That's cool and all, and it works for a little, but it doesn't create sustainable change: you just end up back where you started once that initial push is over.

What that "just do it" mentality doesn't account for is that self sabotage is actually a protector and without understanding that piece, figuring out why it exists, and working through it, we will never stop getting in our own way.

In this masterclass, we cover:

  • Why you're dealing with self sabotage
  • Why forcing yourself to just do something isn't a helpful long term strategy 
  • How to actually overcome self sabotage, for good!
  • Hot seat coaching and Q&A! 

Jais Curry

Hi, I’m Jais, your Food Freedom Coach. For the longest time, I struggled with the idea that my smallest body would be my happiest and healthiest body. I would treat myself with such a level of care and concern that it became unmanageable. My whole life was all about how little I could eat so I could finally live in my ideal physical shape.

The worst part about restricting? It eventually led to bingeing episodes. I kept thinking that I was limiting my calories so I could become healthier.

Spoiler: it was unsustainable and I was still unhappy even at my smallest size.

It took a long time, but I finally learned that there was another way - we could make changes to our body out of love instead of resentment. When I became a Hungry For Happiness Certified Food and Body Coach I discovered the power that lies in a room full of women that are motivated to make a change to feel their best in their current bodies and prioritize their mental health.

Change is possible for you, too. 

Kaylee G. 


Jais gave me coping mechanisms I had never seen, even after a decade in therapy. The way she approaches things and helps you work through them is perfect!

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